Hazardous Materials & Waste Administration Testing

With advancements in technology has come the increase in use of hazardous materials that require careful handling. If your business is involved with the transport of such materials, you’re required to abide by the regulations of the Pipeline & Hazardous Materials Safety Administration, or PHMSA.

These rules are in place to keep everyone safe. The skilled staff at Test Smartly Labs is here to guide you through the intricacies involved with consistent compliance in drug and alcohol mandated testing. We want you to spend your time focusing on the management of your company. Our staff takes care of the testing necessary to ensure your employees remain drug and alcohol-free to reduce accidents and prevent fines.

Hazmat Certifications and Pipeline Involvement Testing

It’s imperative that employees in charge of handling pipelines undergo regular drug and alcohol testing. If your organization relies on hazmat certification, Test Smartly Labs can help you take charge of consistent compliance with the latest PHMSA testing policies.

We understand you have a lot of responsibilities to fulfill in any given day. That’s why we’re here to manage the critical aspect of testing compliance and provide the attention-to-detail it requires. The transport of hazardous materials puts everyone at risk when under the wrong supervision. Call Test Smartly Labs today to put an ongoing plan into action.